Covertact designs and manufactures a range of tactical work wear for plain clothed operatives. The range is designed by an ex police officer and has been tested by serving police officers. It provides safe, comfortable and practical solutions to carrying equipment and weapons in covert situations.

The Covertact range of clothes is designed to have gear access and storage aligned with the muscle memory of your training, so that your equipment is where you need it, when you need - making you as effective as possible in the field - all while maintaining your anonymity.

The designs come in a range of styles from business attire to street clothes, and they are regularly updated to ensure your ongoing anonymity. The clothing has been designed to be worn with the Covertact Protective Vest which is made from the lightweight, flexible Dyneema Diamond technology fabric which meets the highest levels of international testing for cut and slash resistance.
Covertact – keeping you covered, keeping you covert.
About Sally
Sally Major is the founder and Managing Director of Covertact, and a former police officer. After years of struggling to find the right clothing and battling to conceal the bulk of her equipment and weapons, Sally developed the Covertact range of clothes, and a design copyrighted vest to make plain clothes officers safer, more comfortable and more effective in the field. Her aim was to enhance the safety, comfort and effectiveness of officer in the field. Covertact clothing is designed, made and tested in Australia.
sally major